Google My Business, Google+ and Maps

Google provides Business Owners with a smart new one-stop shop to increase their visibility acroos Search, Maps and Google+. They have called it ‘Google My Business‘ and it is important to make sure that your information is both under your control and accuracy.

We receive many calls from businesses who are concerned that their business either does not appear on Google Maps, or that information is incorrect. You can fix this yourselves with Google directly, or we can do it for you. Ask for details.

We have written this Guide to Google My Business to help you understand what is involved in setting everything up correctly.


Why is Google My Business Important?

Google My Business allows you to have your correct and up-to-date information available on Search, Maps and Google+. This helps with Local SEO and helps your customers more easily find your business on the internet.

As well as your physical address you can display directions, your opening hours, lists of products and services, menus, photographs, videos, walkthroughs and all-important contact information.

Google users can also leave Reviews about your business. Reviews help new searchers and help to establish your business presence.

Google My Business is optimised for mobile devices, meaning that customers performing search whilst out and about will easily be able to locate you.

Forget local paid-for directories and lists for now – Google My Business should be your first priority.

Get Started on Google My Business

This is simple, just go to the Google My Business page. All you need is a free Google Account. If you do not already have one, setting one up is very straightforward.

Once logged in, you will be asked to perform a search for your business. If yours appears in the results list, you can claim it as your business. If not, you can create your listing by entering your information.

Verifying Your Business on Google

Business pages on Google have to be verified. Normally, Google will send a Postcard to your business address which will have a short code on it. Once you enter this code into your Google My Business control panel, your business is verified and you will be established as the owner of the page. Some businesses can be verified over the phone.

Adding Managers to your Google My Business Page

It may be useful to add Managers to your account who can edit your listing details, add images, respond to reviews and post news items about your business. This can be done through your control panel by adding their email addresses. They will receive an email inviting them to confirm.