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Build Up Your Website’s Ranking

We provide a bespoke service to help strengthen a business website’s local SEO ranking through the use of citations. If you’ve never come across this term before then you should know that citations are the crucial building blocks to any local SEO campaign due to the direct influence they have in local rankings. Building an extensive range of citations is our forte, with us achieving an average 75% index rate, which no other citation builder can get near to.

All of our services come with a free citation audit so that we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current list of citations, what citations already exist and how we can improve on them. This information is gathered and meticulously revised to help form a comprehensive citation strategy for your business. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed report that includes links to all your new citations with full login details to each directory.

Once we have dissected your existing list we then infuse a blend of different types of citations to make your business more optimiseable for local SEO. These consist of generic, geo-specific and niche-specific citations from high-domain authority directories. Having a dynamic range of citations provides you with the fundamental foundations to achieving local SEO since each different type of citation provides Google with unique information about your business.

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Local Business Directory

Small – 35 Citations

35 Citations


FREE Citation Audit
35 Mix of Generic, Niche, Geo-Specific
We spin your description
Citations sent to an indexing tool
ETA (7 working days)

Medium – 75 Citations

75 Citations


FREE Citation Audit
75 Mix of Generic, Geo, Niche Sites
We spin your description
Citations sent to an indexing tool
ETA (7 working days)

Large – 135 Citations

135 Citations


FREE Citation Audit
135 Mix of Generic, Geo, Niche Sites
We spin your description
Citations sent to an indexing tool
ETA (7 working days)

Monthly Citation Service

Monthly Citations

£90 Month

FREE Citation Audit
25 Mix of Generic, Geo, Niche Sites
We spin your description
Citations sent to an indexing tool
Monthly Service

How To Order

Simply email us your enquiry details. We take no money now!

On receipt of your enquiry, we will analyse your website to check for any obvious errors in it. As long as it checks out, we will then email you an invoice with payment instructions.

Once the invoice is paid, your campaign will begin – to be completed within 5-7 days. You’ll receive a full report!


Full Detailed Report

We provide a detailed Google Docs Sheet with every order, with the full login details of each citation built for future reference.

Free Citation Audit

We carry out a full citation audit of your current citations with all orders. This is included in your report.

Indexing Service

To help improve indexation of the citations they are sent to an indexer tool. We also spin your descriptions to make each citation more unique.

Fast Turnaround

We aim to turnaround all orders as quickly as we can without affecting the quality of our service.

Manual Service

All our work is carried out manually and no automated tools are used to build the citations.

UK Support

Our support and management team are based in the UK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Local citations play a crucial role in making your business more visible on Google’s SERPs. A citation is an online reference to your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP) and they play a similar role to backlinks in the traditional SEO playground. Citations tell Google’s web crawlers where your business is located as well as providing information about what industry your business operates in.

Citations are one of many key components that help to influence rankings. However, it’s better to view them as important signals that validate to Google the legitimacy of your business. Citations from reputable business directories increase Google’s degree of certainty that the information they have about your business is valid and that you are indeed part of a community.

Generic citations go into basic directories such as Yelp. These directories are not attached to any business model, niche, or location. They don’t care whether you own a business, manage a non-profit organization or oversee a government agency. We use these as foundation citations making sure our clients are listed on the main authority generic sites.

Niche-specific directories tell the audience and Google what industry your business operates in. Our team will do research to find the best Niche related sites that we can build for your business thus helping build authority and relevancy.

Geo-specific citations are based on location. As you can imagine, they help Google identify exactly where your business is placed on the map. For this reason, citations on a county and state level tend to favour businesses who want to boost their local SEO since they help to put your business on the map.

Yes. Making your NAPs inconsistent across directories will only confuse Google and it’s easy to see why. If you ask a group of people for directions to a city’s train station and they all give you different bits of information, you will only be left confused and unsure who to trust. It’s the same with Google. You need to build trust with Google by providing the correct information of your business in all of your citations. A wide network of business directories that all communicate the same information about your business to Google will help you achieve a higher ranking in the local search results.

We aim to complete orders within 7 working days (Monday-Friday). Our robust and efficient approach has consistently completed 90% of all our orders within five working days or less, with a delay of only a day or two on certain occasions.

When you place an order for citations, normally you will have to provide a detailed description of your business.  This will then be published on all business directories to achieve a reliable network of citations providing identical information about your business.

Using an array of tools, we take the business description that you’ve provided and re-craft it to be more unique without changing its meaning. We achieve this by re-phrasing certain sentences through the use of synonyms and literary innovation.

This is an effective way of improving the indexability of your citations, as proven by our tests since Google values each citation as being more unique in terms of content.

In the past, we paid providers to build citations, yet we continually found as few as 5% of them ever being indexed.

To overcome this, we not only spin the descriptions but we also ‘drip feed’ them via our indexing tools. This is merely a process where we gradually index the citations over a period of time so that Google can crawl them all on different days instead of all at once.

We are also happy for customers to come back after 30+ days if they find certain citations still not indexed. Sometimes we find takes two or three attempts to get a higher percentage indexed. We will happily do this free of charge if you get in touch with us. We aim to get as many as we can indexed, but unfortunately can never promise this for all of them. Google is notorious for indexing citations poorly.

This is difficult to answer because there are so many variables that affect it. Citations are frequently not indexed well but we are consistently finding new innovative ways of achieving a higher indexability rate than of our competitors. Currently, after 30 days of order completion with one round of indexing, our index rate is approximately 70%*. *updated May 2020*

Yes. As part of our service, we conduct a full citation audit of your website to identify any existing citations. Any that are found are put under the microscope, with our staff meticulously measuring their value by checking whether they are correct, incorrect or duplicate. This information is then listed in a report. We will never build on sites which your company is already listed on.

When you receive your Google Sheets report, some of the citations might say ‘pending,’ especially the niche and geo-specific ones. This basically means we have submitted the citation, but the site has not yet approved it. This is something not to worry about and is actually very common. If after 30 days from your order completion you manually check the site and you’re not showing, simply send our team an order update and we will check and replace any links pending. They may be replaced with the generic listing if no further niche or geo ones are available.

For each order, we create a new Gmail account to build the citations with. This is to prevent you from being spammed or pestered from the citation sites.

Many Directories will follow up your listing with a phone call to try and upsell you to a ‘Premium’ listing. There is no need for you to do this. Some Premium listings can be expensive, often running into hundreds of pounds per month. The objective of our service is to provide you with free citations to build up your backlink profile.

Yes, you could! But, manually adding directory listings can take up to 20 minutes each. It’s tedious and is not always guaranteed to work for the inexperienced.