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Why WordPress Web Design Blackpool?

WordPress is the most popular website design & development platform in the World, powering some 40%+ of sites on the internet.

18.7% of the World’s top-performing websites use WordPress.

WordPress powers over 30% of the top 1000 e-commerce websites in the World.

WordPress has an over 65% market share of CMS (Content Management System) powered websites.

WordPress is complemented by thousands of ‘plugins’ which can add additional functionality to your website – think ecommerce, bookings, online courses, events management and much more.

WordPress is the fastest growing website development platform in the World. Ten times more sites are built on WordPress each day compared to any other platform.

WordPress is FREE software! Although, many enhancements do have to be paid for.

What are the Benefits of WordPress?

Ease of Use – WordPress is easy to use when you need to make changes to your own website such as editing prices or adding a news item.

Support – As the most widely used website platform, WordPress benefits from hundreds of thousands of support articles across the internet. Plus, you will never be tied into your original developer!

Speed & Security – When built correctly, WordPress websites can be bulletproof secure and blazingly fast!

Future-Proof – A WordPress website can easily be refreshed or upgraded. Complete style change? No problem!

Google-Friendly – WordPress websites can be the most sophisticated around when it comes to professional SEO. They are by far the easiest kind of website to optimise for keywords, internal links, Schema and more.

Cost – Bespoke websites can cost tens of thousands of pounds, plus major ongoing costs as you are locked into the original developer.

WordPress Web Design Blackpool

CGain moved over to WordPress as our primary website development platform many years ago. All of our client sites were upgraded over time so that all now benefit. We are one of the region’s first specialist WordPress Development Teams.

WordPress Web Design Blackpool is perfect for Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Engineers, Local Tradesmen, Charities, Schools, Venues, Entertainers, Sales Teams, Staff Agencies, Sports & Community Organisations and many more.

Wordpress Web Design
WordPress website design

About WordPress

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) type of website. It uses a database of styles, images, designs, code and text content to dynamically create and display pages.

We can use WordPress to create any kind of professional website, from a simple one-page site to a hugely complex one such as a catalogue or shopping site.

WordPress Web Design Blackpool powers many of Blackpool’s top-performing business websites.

WordPress Hosting

We provide specialist Dedicated WordPress Hosting right here in Blackpool which is both fast and secure.

Most other websites are hosted on shared platforms, meaning that thousands of sites all have to fight over the same resources. This makes them insecure, slow and liable to glitches.

WordPress Web Design Blackpool websites are hosted on powerful dedicated servers with infinitely scalable resources to grow with your business.

WordPress Hosting
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WordPress Site Management

We specialise in helping you to manage your WordPress website in Blackpool.

We provide exceptional support and even team and one-to-one training sessions for your staff in the local area.

We look after software updates, backups and any problems you may come across.

Support is via phone, in-person, email, Zoom and any other method you choose.

WordPress Web Design Blackpool Monthly Management Plans can be customised to you, ensuring total support for your website.

WordPress SEO

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) for WordPress is our absolute speciality.

We have local business websites ranking top of Google for literally hundreds of search queries and keywords.

Growth from SEO

WordPress Customisations

WordPress makes bespoke custom features easy for experienced developers like us.
We have recently implemented a super-easy feature for local tradesmen to add Case Studies and Projects onto their own websites.
Case-Studies include descriptions, image galleries and even videos, typically showing Before, During and After sections.
This feature has proved to be really popular and has significantly increased the number and quality of enquiries to our clients.
Do you have a specific feature you would love to implement on your business website? Just ask, we’ll be happy to accommodate.

We Don't Use Templates!

What do you require of WordPress for your business? A feature-rich online portal or an ecommerce website that attracts and converts visitors? In any instance, CGain Web Development can maximise the platform’s inventive and adaptable capabilities.

WordPress enables business websites to be fully flexible. From specialised functionalities to custom designs, there are a plethora of tools available to assist businesses in customising their websites and applications. With the assistance of specialists, you may take use of these advantages through a custom-built website.

CGain Web Development, one of the region’s first professional WordPress development businesses, adopts a refreshingly straightforward approach. With over 25 years of expertise, we’ve developed a tried-and-true strategy for consistently providing amazing outcomes. This enables us to provide ambitious brands in Blackpool with complete transparency, peace of mind, and the ability to deliver exceptional results quickly.

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