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Industry Specific SEO in Preston

Restaurants have come under particular pressures during the 2020 Pandemic, having to remain closed during peak months. With lockdown rules easing there is now increased competition to get diners through the doors and spending money.

Let’s have a look at some of the generic and branded search queries diners are using to find Preston Restaurants on Google, and who dominates the search positions.

‘Restaurants in Preston’

The top query, a rather generic one, according to our Ahrefs* software, is ‘restaurants in preston’ with an estimated 1300 searches per month. The first page of results is taken up by aggregators such as Tripadvisor, VisitLancashire, GastroRanking, BlogPreston, LancsLive, and SugarVine.

The first individual restaurant site we see is The Broughton Inn in position 10.

Related keywords include ‘preston restaurants’ (1100), ‘best restaurants in preston’ (250), ‘halal restaurants in preston’ (150), ‘italian restaurants in preston’ (150) and ‘restaurants in preston town centre’ (100).

‘Italian Restaurants in Preston’ (250)

With Tripadvisor top, several actual restaurants do appear on page 1, including Italian Orchard (3), Prezzo (6), Angelos (8), and Mezzo (9). These restaurants have done well through offline advertising because they also have significant brand search volumes. ‘italian orchard’ alone has some 3700 searches per month, being #1 for that query.

‘Indian Restaurant Preston’ (350)

Whilst aggregators such as Tripadvisor, BlogPreston, ThreeBestRated and The LEP dominate the very top positions, 3 actual Indian Restaurants appear on Page 1. These are Silk Route, Maharani and Bukhara Samlesbury. Again, each have associated branded search volume; ‘silk route preston’ (400), ‘maharani preston’ (300) and ‘bukhara restaurant’ (700).


That’s a brief look at the SERPS (Search engine ranking positions) for Restaurants in Preston to give restaurant owners and marketers some food for thought.

Getting your restaurant up the Google rankings will increase your bookings and foot-traffic, there is no doubt. Our comprehensive SEO Preston services use multiple strategies, fine-tuned to your business. Costs start from just £300 per month, with no long-term contracts. We find that this is just about enough to start moving the needle for you.