PageSpeed Boost

Google uses the page-loading speed of your website as a ranking factor in search. If your online business depends on high search engine rankings, it is therefore vital that your site passes the Google PageSpeed Test.

Many WordPress websites score low due to unoptimised images, being hosted on poor servers, having too busy a homepage or an inefficient coding infrastructure due to the Theme used by your agency.

This is good news for you, because we can make your website faster than any of your competitors.

PageSpeed Boost Costs

Our process takes less than two weeks and costs from just £165.00, then from only £30 per monthincluding hosting. This fee covers most common websites built on WordPress. Bigger or more complex sites may require a higher fee, ask for details.

We have a growing list of delighted clients who are already seeing improvements to their bottom line for this one-off service.

PageSpeed Boost

It is common sense that faster web pages are better for users. If your web page does not fully load within a few short seconds, research shows that a large percentage of users will leave your site.

Back in the old days of web design almost everyone was on slow dial-up internet. As web developers working almost purely in code we had to optimise everything for size and speed – otherwise a page could take minutes rather than seconds to load.

Today’s internet speeds are staggeringly fast in comparison but your pages need to load blindingly quick. The increase of mobile use has pushed this trend, with consumers often having slow bandwidth and limited data contracts.

Modern website development tools such as WordPress, Joomla, Opencart and Magento are incredibly productive and filled with features, but typically will not load pages quickly without our PageSpeed Boost service.

Google ranks web pages in organic search using an ever more complex algorithm. A significant ranking factor is now PageSpeed. Check your website’s PageSpeed here using Google’s free tool. If your score is in the green on both mobile and desktop simulations, you are fine. If not, you have issues to address!

Reasons for slow loading pages

  • Non-optimised images. Huge images will slow performance. Images need to be processed and optimised before using on a website.
  • CSS stylesheets can be overly large. Ideally these should be minified or compressed.
  • Javascript code can slow performance, again this can be compressed.
  • Low quality and cheap hosting will have an effect on speed, especially shared servers which host thousands of sites.

Fortunately, most websites can be dramatically improved with our PageSpeed Boost Services. We can make almost any site reach the green zone from just £165.00. Ask for details.

PageSpeed Boost Examples

Check The Competition

It is always useful to do a little competitor analysis and compare your website to those of your competition. We thought we would do this for PageSpeed and Google Guidelines Compatibility on some of ours from page 1 of Google search results.

Remember that being great on one single ranking factor is not enough, you do need to be great across the range!

WebsitePageSpeed %Google Guidelines %Website Type CMS
Competitor #16985Wordpress CMS
Competitor #26685Wordpress CMS
Competitor #35395Wordpress CMS
Competitor #460Failed – homepage not indexing!Wordpress CMS
Competitor #55999Joomla CMS
Competitor #641Failed – homepage not indexing!Wordpress CMS
Competitor #75398Joomla CMS
Competitor #85399Wordpress CMS